Why I started Working Holiday Blog?

Since 24th of June 2015 I’m travelling around the world. More than 4.5 years away from home. In 2014 I quit my 9 to 5 job as a mechanical engineer in Germany and applied for the “Working Holiday Visa” in Canada. I still remember the incredible feeling and happiness before I flew from Frankfurt to Vancouver.

Two years in Canada, one year in New Zealand and 1.5 years in Australia later, there is something to celebrate. In the last 4.5 years I created one of the most successful German Canada blog. I released my second blog “WorkingHoliday.Blog” on Saturday the 11th of May 2019. The idea behind this Platform is even bigger than me. But why did I create this blog and what does that means for my Canada blog?

This is the story how I came to blogging from knowing nothing about.

Go Travel now or never!

Zion National Park (Photo Daniel Kovacs)

I had to make a decision! When I turned 28 I found out that you can only apply for the most Working Holiday Visas until 30. I always dreamed about travelling to Canada, New Zealand and Australia. I had to go now or it would be too late! I decided to give up everything I had in Germany. My flat, car, jobs and the most of my material belongings.

Tip: The limitation 30 means you can apply until the last day before your 31st birthday. With the visa confirmations you receive you usually get 1 year time to travel to the country. Only after entering the country your 1 year work visa will start. So technically speaking you could be 32 while on a working holiday visa. This is how I was able to travel through Australia while 32.

Since I made my decision to travel I learned more than ever before. When you interview older people they always say the most important in life are your experience. So go travel and get as many experience as you can!

Trust in your path

Montana U.S. (Photo Daniel Kovacs)

When I arrived in Canada, I didn’t know what was coming. I didn’t have a plan and I didn’t think about blogging. “Blogging, everybody is doing this…!” this is how I thought.

Why do we have prejudices about things we do not know, yet? Why? If you have an answer, let me know. Luckily during my time in Vancouver, I received a new view. Due to my new environment, the people in the movie industry and the creative influence I changed.

Everyone was building something on the side. I remember one day I met this crazy guy. He was driving from company to company with a compact milling machine in the back of his Van. He was able to manufacture small pieces directly on site. WTF … a milling machine in his car??? This still dazzles me today!

From Tamas, my designer colleague, I learned a lot about crafting. He was building a boat in his spare time. Handmade and with the dream to sail around the world one day.

Pay attention to which people you surround yourself. Surely you have read this before:

Tell me about the 5 people you hang out the most and I will tell you who you are!

Sometimes you have to break away from your best friends to become better!

In Vancouver I changed and I started to think about my future.

Live a self-determined and free life!

Betty and Me in Kelowna (Photo Daniel Kovacs)

Is it possible or is this just a dream? I read “The 4 hours work week” by Tim Ferris and was totally impressed. This book opened my eyes for a complete new way of live. He inspired so many fellow bloggers to follow their dreams! I can only imagine how many blogs where started because of this book.

If you want to take the first step I highly recommend you read it.

We all want to live a self-determined and free life. The most know to achieve your dreams you have to actually start. However this is where most people already fail. They don’t even start. They are too afraid to fail! They find constantly reasons why not to start.

If you want to be part of the ones who succeed. Than just start and learn while doing.

Book recommendation: The most of my blogging knowledge I got from the German book „Digital Unabhängig Frei“ (digital independent free) by Conni Biesalski.

Digital Unabhängig und Frei von Conni Biesalski

(I do not get any money for the link from Conni. But it’s a great book anyway. All the other links are from Amazon Affiliate.)

*Advanced recommendation: The best entrepreneur and business book I've ever read is “LEAN START UP” by Eric Ries

Just start

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START ❤️ TODAY – “Remember this: There will always be something else to do. Something that will be in your way. There is never the perfect time to start. So work on your goals today! Don’t wait until tomorrow. Even baby steps count!” (Daniel, Bali 🌴 2019) In my 4 weeks in Indonesia I was forced to deal with myself and my feelings. We all deal with different problems in our life and I don’t know where you are right now and what’s on your mind. But I know one thing. We both are not so different! We both see the world through our eyes. And we both have 24 hours in a day. It is easy to look perfect on the outside. But inside you can be broke, lost or lonely! Building something and to find the right balance can be very hard. It is challenging and needs commitment. But you know what? If I learned one thing in my last 4.5 years traveling than it is that we all struggle with this. We all go through hard times and moments of self-doubt. But it is does moments who will form our character. Every day when I wake up I try to finish 3 things from my To Do List. Even if it is something simple like “Making my bed” or “reading for 30min”. It is not about the amount that you finish, it is about the consistency. Do it every day! So remember this: “You are powerful and you can achieve every goal you set yourself on! Baby steps count too. Start today.” If you need someone just write me, I will answer! Love ❤️ Daniel #bali #motivation #liveeveryday

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I had no idea what business I could start. To be honest I have so many different interests.

But no matter which business you look at. Until they became successful there was a journey of iteration and changed beyond recognition. Errors and setbacks are necessary to learn and to improve.

Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

Since I started my blog I write down every new idea in a little book. Only when you start you will be able to get new perspectives which can lead to new ideas. You’re 1 million dollar idea could be just one step away.

The point is the most people don’t start. Because they tell themselves they don’t have the right idea, yet. But the truth is it is never about the idea. It is about the way that you go. Ideas will come along more than you can work on.

This is why I decided to write about Canada and to share my experiences from traveling. Working Holiday Kanada was released on the 2th October 2016, in Calgary Canada.

The funny part though, the idea was mocked in the Facebook groups: “Oh, another travel blog … isn’t there already enough?”

But I ignored my critics and did it anyway.

Today the blog is one of the largest German Canada blogs. With over 100,000 readers since it’s first release. Many have planned their own journey through the videos and tutorials.

So remember this: No matter what people say! No matter what reasons speak against. The things you learn when you start are priceless. Follow your dreams and just start!

New Zealand, the end for the Canada Blog?

During my working holiday in New Zealand I focused on my video skills. As a result fewer articles came out and I spent less time writing on my book. I write on my first book since 2017. It is still not finished, yet.

So was it a mistake to focus on videos?

Personally, I say “NO” but it's not that easy to answer. Everything in life can be viewed from different angels. If you understand that you have learned one of the most important life-lessons.

Let's say the most important would be money. Then I should spent all my energy towards writing. This way does not include passion and motivation. My passion is video. I can edit for hours without getting board. And even when video takes more time and is harder to build. I believe it is more helpful in the long run.

Your interested can change over time this is why it's so important to choose something you are passionate about.

In the case of my first blog something unexpected happened. While writing about Canada in New Zealand I lost contact with the present. My head was all the time in the past. This lead to depression.

During a road trip in New Zealand I asked myself “How can I fix this?” Give up was no option!

The key to success is balance

To fix the problem I decided to think bigger. I renamed my YouTube Channel from “Working Holiday Kanada” to “Working Holiday” and produced videos about New Zealand and Australia. This is how I could find a balance between being present and still work on the Canada topics.

While driving through the South Island I outlined the idea for “WorkingHoliday.Blog” a website where you will find all the information about every Working Holiday Country! I can use this Platform to tell you about my experiences and help you plan your travels. I bought the domain already in March 2018 and it took me over a year to finally publish the first draft.

What is my plan?

Fixing Betty in Burnaby (Photo Daniel Kovacs)

With my Canada blog, I hit a niche about the Working Holiday in Canada. I do not plan to give up on the German blog. My vision is to interactively connect the 2 websites in the future. I do not yet know how. But I know this, now is the exciting part of starting something. You will go your own way and you decide the course. You will try and see what happens.

Working Holiday is also an idea that will bring more travelers like you and me together. The whole project will not be possible to achieve just by myself. I plan to bring passionate travelers to share their stories. So who knows, maybe you will be the one who will change the way someone else sees the world.

Maybe I’ll read in your blog soon?

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