What’s in my CAMERA BAG? – low budget travel gear!

Travel Camera Equipment on a budget? I left Germany in 2015 and since I'm travelling around the world.

I upload weekly to YouTube since the 1.1.2018. In addition to Travel Vlogs, I create tips, guides and how to's around the working holiday topic. During my work in the movie industry in Vancouver, I got inspired to create videos. But I'm always travelling so I'm limited by money and space. This is the perfect point in my carrer to talk about my travel camera equipment. Forced by my “low budget” mentality and lifestyle, I do not have the money to buy expensive gear.

How you still can create professional videos on a budget, and how to get a cheap F1.4 lens! That's what this article is about.

My Current Travel Camera Equipment 2019:

Travel Camera Gear - Daniel Kovacs
My Camera Gear 05/2019

Canon 50mm F1.4 on a budget?! How?

Canon FD 50mm F1_4 Lens Convertion
Canon Lens FD F1.4

Is it possible to have a high-speed lens without leaving a fortune? In Vancouver I bought an old used Canon FD lens. This is the old mount Canon used before the digital area. The modern EOS mount was developed to have enough space to keep up to date with sensors and technology.

In addition to use the FD lens on my EOS Camera I also bought an FD to EOS adapter from Amazon. I thought with that I had a fully functional manual 50mm F1.4 lens. Oh boy was I wrong…

The problem: As soon as I tried to reach the infinite focus, I realised there is something wrong. It was not possible to use the infinity setting. Because the distance between the lens and the mirror is not correct. To place the sensors into the camera body the EOS mount is by design already 2 mm larger than the FD mount. That means to have the correct distance you have to push your FD Lens 2 mm further into the EOS body. In addition to that, we also add a adapter ring that will change the distance even more. This is why it's never possible to reach the infinite focus. See Image 2 below.

Canon FD lems infinity F Focus
Image 1: infinity setting on lens
Distance with FD Adapter to EOS Camera Body
Image 2: distance from lens to body with adapter

The Solution: I did not want to give up! So searched for hours. I checked every camera forum. Until I eventually came across Jakub Mika from EDMIKA. He produces adapter kits for old FD lenses. With this kit you can make a conversion from FD to EOS. Simple, you phisically change the mount without using an additional adapter. In this way you get the missing 2mm back.

Die Lösung: Weil ich nicht Aufgeben wollte, durchsuchte ich alle Kamera Foren nach einer Lösung. Bis ich auf Jakub Mika von gestoßen bin. Er produziert Adapter Kits für die FD Objektive. Mit diesem Kit kannst du selbst den Umbau vom FD Anschluss zu EOS vornehmen. Auf dieses Weise bekommst du die fehlenden 2mm wieder und kannst das Objektiv ohne einen extra FD zu EOS Adapter verwenden.

New Adapter by EDMIKA 50mm F1_4
Image 3: new kit mount for FD lens

Someday I will create a video about the steps on convertig the FD Mount to EOS using EDMIKA Kit.


I use my smartphone more often to create videos. It is always in my pocket and the accessories are cheap. You don't need expensiv gear to tell great stories. Btw. the camera technology is getting so good. Look what our current smartphone generation can do. Today there are already features who were entirely shot on Smartphone.

Think twice before you invest into a expensiv camera. Many times you could increase your production level with other equipment, like audio and light. I see many travel vloggers alway forget about audio. But audio plays an important role in video. There is a reason why it is called “audio visual art”. Why does audio stand before visual? coincidence?

I hope you could learn something 🙂 This is my current Travel Camera Equipment I use.

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