My Mission:

With Working Holiday, I want to help you plan your own Work & Travel adventure and make your trip the best time of your life. Traveling is about personal development. This involves increasing your self-confidence and taking your life into your hands.

Who is Daniel?

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I graduated in germany as a mechanical technician and went to work for an engineering company. I thought i’m on the right path — but there are some parts of life we can’t control. I wasn’t happy! So I left Germany in 2015 and moved to Vancouver, Canada with the Working Holiday Visa. 

I worked in the Movie Industry. Converted 3 Camper Vans and lived 3 years the so called “Van Life”. As far back as I can remember, there was always the desire to make things. So I founded “Working Holiday Kanada” in 2016. It soon became the biggest german canada blog, where travellers find free content + videos about the working holiday visa.

I spent 2 years in Canada, another year in New Zealand and another one in Australia. I became obsessed with travelling and filmmaking.

While in New Zealand I renamed my YouTube Channel from “Working Holiday Kanada” to “Working Holiday“. At the same time I created the idea for “WorkingHoliday.Blog”. All this happend on a Road Trip through the South Island of New Zealand in March 2018.

1. Camper Van (Dodge Grand Caravan)

1. Camper Van (Dodge Grand Caravan)

2. Camper Van "Betty" (Dodge B2500)

2. Camper Van "Betty" (Dodge B2500)

3. Camper Van (Nissan El Grand)

3. Camper Van (Nissan El Grand)

The reason why I started all of this?

No 1: So many Backpackers regret to use an Organisation. All the things, that you belive are complicated, aren’t. That’s why I want to create One Plattform where you can get all the information you need for free.

No 2: Personal Development! To start a Blog, to record myself in front of a camera, to speak & write in English forces myself to growth. Every day I learn something new. This is what travelling is all about = EXPERIENCE.

If you take  one thing home from my Blog:
Tackle problems, doesn’t matter how big they seem. You will growth”!

cheers Daniel

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