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Welcome to your biggest Adventure of your Life!

Do you want to explore another country for a longer time? Why not spend up to a year living and working abroad with a working holiday visa?

What is a Working Holiday Visa?

Daniel and Betty in Kelowna Canada

Working Holiday Visas (WHV) allow you to be employed during your visit in another country. This means you can supplement your travel funds without leaving the Country. A working holiday gives you the chance to live in a foreign country for a longer time than you would on a vacation. Most working holiday visa allow you to stay in the country up to a year. You will be able to earn money and this type of visa gives you a chance to experience the day to day life beyond what you could as a tourist. Become friends with locals and gain a deeper insight into the culture. Working holiday is a fantastic way to travel abroad and it will be one of your best experience ever!

Most working holiday visas schemes are under agreements between two countries, because these countries want to encourage travel and the exchange of culture between their citizens. Working holiday visas are usually limited to visitors between the ages of 18-30, although some will accept applicants as old as 35. Some of the working holiday visas place limits on the types of jobs that you can do or the amount of time you can be employed during your visit. The usual types of jobs on working holiday are tourism, hospitality, retail or seasonal industries. But there are plenty of other job opportunities available.

✩ There are currently 61 Countries who offer a working holiday visa. Find your destination here.

Daniel and Brad Camper Van in Wanaka New Zealand

What We Do?

Our Mission with Working Holiday Blog (WHB) is to help you plan your Working Holiday (Work & Travel) adventure yourself, increase your self-confidence and make your trip the best time of your life! On WorkingHoliday.Blog you will find Travel-Guides, Travel-Tips and unique Travel-Experience. We want to bring more awareness to all the Countries who offer a working holiday visa.

Who is Daniel?

Daniel Kovacs (Co-Founder)
Daniel Kovacs (Co-Founder)

Daniel graduated as a mechanical technician in Germany but changed his career after a working holiday in Canada. Today he is on his Plan B Career! In 2016 he founded the German Canada Website “Working Holiday Kanada” and the YouTube Channel “Working Holiday”. He spent 2 years in Canada (Working Holiday & Young Professionals), 1 year in New Zealand & 1.5 years in Australia. He worked in all kinds of different jobs (Farm, Hospitality, Assembler, Movie Industry…) He converted 3 Camper Van’s by himself and lived 3 years the so called VAN LIFE!

A few facts about Daniel:

● Born in 1986
● Chinese Horoscope: “Tiger”
● Favorite Food “Pizza Peperoni”
● A Coffee Addict & Melbourne ♥ Lover
● Loves Minimalism & Van Life
● Obsessed with Filmmaking & Travel
● Next countries on the list: Spain & Europe

Find out more about Daniel -> “Why I started Working Holiday Blog

Who is Julian?

Julian Schnippering (Co-Founder)
Julian Schnippering (Co-Founder)

After a first holiday in New Zealand in 2015, Julian returned in 2016 for his own working holiday. With more than 10 years in the classic working life, 2016 was the year of change. Starting with one year (364 days) in New Zealand, Julian left the classic career path and has been successfully running his own New Zealand blog ever since. Since 2019 Julian is completely self-employed, travels permanently and explores different countries around the world. His goal is to try out as many Working Holiday countries as possible before the age limit strikes.

A few facts about Julian:

● Born in 1989
● Favorite country New Zealand (at least 1x per year since 2015)
● B
ig Fan of Van life and the freedom that comes with it
● L
oves to film & take photos
Helps travellers have a great time in New Zealand (and many other countries)
● N
ext countries on the list Australia & Japan

Julian's goal is to give all travelers the best possible time on their journey.

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